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Nigeria and Nigerians today require a crucial and holistic approach to come out of the current moribund situation we are in, The only alternative to rebrand  Nigeria is SDP.

We have the following approaches and RESOLUTIONS to deliver Nigeria.

Our Resolution

After critical examination of the state of Nigeria as a nation and the urgent need for total emancipation, we have firmly agreed to work together and resolved to build:

  • A restructured, balanced, equitable and truly functional Nigerian Federation:
  • A humane, free, self-reliant and democratic society;
  • A dynamic, productive, transformed and sustainable economy;
  • A just, fair, egalitarian and peaceful nation;
  • A land of bright and full opportunities for all Nigerians;
  • A national culture of raising good leaders through effective mentoring

Our Proposed movement will be driven by defined core values such as:

  • Justice, fairness, equity and progress;
  • Democracy, good leadership, good governance and sustainable development;
  • Transparency, integrity, truth and honour;
  • Accountability and zero-tolerance for corruption;
  • Respect for human dignity, human rights and the sanctity of human life;
  • Peace, security, harmony and cooperative solidarity, within the rule of law;
  • International cooperation for a common humanity within a secure and peaceful world order

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