SDP’s Approach to Mobilisation

  • SDP’s Approach to Internal Mobilisation
    + This is the mobilisation of members of the party to enable them know how SDP is positioned to be a viable alternative platform for progress

    + This is implemented in a Top-Down approach by meetings of Executives and members of the party from the State down to the LGs; LGs to Wards and Wards to the Units

    + This is loosely called “Penticostisation”

  • SDP’s Approach to External Mobilisation
    + This is the mobilisation of the public by Party members after they (members) have been properly enlightened & prepared:

    + This is carried through following channels:

    + People to Media- radio, tv, print, online

    + People to People- houses, taxis, joints etc

    + People to Community- town crier, vehicle

    +This is loosely called “Evangelism”
  • Top Down Process of “Penticostisation”
    - National Exco sets campaign direction & focus; sends special message to State Exco

    - State Exco convenes meetings to pass focusing message to the LGs

    - LGs meet to convey message to Wards

    - Wards meet to brief & pass message to Units

    - All party members become message disciples
  • Wide Process of “Evangelism”
    Once party members receive the message, they become armed and start to “evangelise”

    Three major channels to use are Person to Person, Person to Media and Person to Community