From the desk of the National Chairman

Politics, Security and Economy are legs of a tripod that carries the wellbeing, welfare and development of a country. Each leg one is critical for the tripod to stand. It is “politics” that usually takes the control. Once “politics” is damaged or distorted, security goes haywire and then the economy becomes destroyed.

For SDP, it is time to show that our Party is different because:
▪️ SDP is a political vehicle that will provide social justice, welfare, equal opportunities, and security.
▪️ SDP is a party that has determined that the youths will have to play definitive roles to liberate Nigeria.
▪️ SDP has therefore set out to leverage on youths participation through SDP Youths Parliament and SDP Youths Partnership programmes.
▪️ SDP is a party on a mission to rescue Nigeria from imminent collapse.

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