ONDO 2020: Dissecting that SmallAlhaji’s Press Statement after INEC published List of Candidate

ONDO 2020:

Dissecting that SmallAlhaji’s Press Statement after INEC published List of Candidates

MHR Tajuden Adefisoye, also known as small Alhaji, little Alhaji or small MHR represents the Idanre Ifedore Constituency in Ondo State. It is same small MHR who decided to fight his party, SDP by sponsoring disparaging media coverage, litigations, violent attacks and recently parallel Primaries. He has reacted publicly to the publication of Ondo 2020 Governorship Candidates by INEC which came out on Friday, 31 July 2020. His reaction has been widely publicised on Facebook and social media.

We have commented below on his reaction point by point to show how really small is the small Alhaji or small MHR.

Excerpts from the MHR Press Release are in quotations marks:

1. “Without being immodest, the political movement of Rep Tajudeen Adefisoye is bigger than SDP…”

Comment: This means _Adefisoye Movement_ is not same as SDP and those following small Alhaji now are really not members of SDP. Innocent SDP members should be careful not to be misguided out of the Party completely.

2. “We will like to bring to the notice of our people that… the name of our governorship candidate, Alhaji Adeline’s Saliu is not on INEC list….”

Comments: The same small MHR in an earlier Press Release had emphatically said that his “candidate’s name and documents have been accepted by INEC and will be on the list” without knowing how the system works. Now he knows.

3. “We are all witnesses to how the name of Eyitayo Jegede, SAN was initially omitted from INEC in 2016 governorship election in Ondo State, but was eventually restored to the list few days to the election…”
*Comments:* The cases are not similar but we shall leave the reengineering to the small MHR and wait and see.

4. “While Adefisoye is vigorously pursuing the court case to have his candidate’s name restored on INEC list…”

Comment: This is an uphill task for the small MHR.

5. “MHR is also seriously considering all available options opened to him…”

Comments: The MHR options may include paying for more litigation against SDP, attacking State Secretariat again, and leaving SDP to another party.

6. “In case the court case is not decided within the expected time frame, the next line of decision of Rep Adefisoye will be made known to the public in due course”

Comments: The court case the small MHR is daydreaming about has not even started. So his recourse to defect is imminent.

7. “In the meantime, we … register the utter displeasure of Rep Adefisoye to the warning… by Gbenga Fasua on account of failing to attend the primary election conducted by his group”

Comments: MHR was warned because his plans to again attack the State Secretariat in Akure for the third time was intercepted and reported to the police. Nobody is worried about his absence from the Primaries because he did not qualify as a delegate in the first instance.

8. “Rep Adefisoye is a very busy man and he will no longer dignify anyone with responses on matters concerning SDP again”

Comments: This is true to type of small MHR who has only been spending good and bad monies on causing disaffection and divisions in the party instead of building the party. Stern disciplinary measures are waiting ahead.

Hon. Gbenga Fasua, FGT
Publicity Department,
Social Democratic Party, SDP
Ondo State Chapter

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