The Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Ondo state has condemned a clandestine move by some self seeking politicians to drag the party into the messy political mud for which some crude politicians in the state are known for several years.
In its reaction to a widely publicised fraud claiming that the SDP agreed to a fraudulent merger with about 13 other political associations in the state, the SDP categorically denied being part of the fraudulent political arrangement.
In a statement signed by the state Publicity Secretary of the SDP, Mr Remi Olayiwola in Akure, the SDP stated that while the party is interested in any political move that would usher in a viable association that could ensure that the gains and dividends of democracy gets to the vast majority of the citizens in the state, it can and could never be associated with political rogues hanging around to grab unwarranted relevance from any quarter.

Specifically, the statement said that some weeks back a group of registered political parties and political associations came together and said they were holding meetings to work together at ensuring a 3rd force in the political terrain of the state and eventually in the county as a whole.

Since this is exactly what the SDP had for years been agitating for, the SDP was not against such move.

However, the national leadership of the SDP was informed and in accordance with the party’s principle, the leadership of the SDP issued a letter to the effect that the SDP was ready to accommodate any political party or parties into its fold for the purpose of realising a formidable third force.

While the SDP welcomed such moves, it stated categorically that it was not ready to dissolve its own structures but would readily welcome those who would be prepared to register at their various wards and consequently at their local governments.

Even though the political associations and registered political parties held meetings six times, the state chairman of the SDP attended the meeting twice in order assure other registered political parties ot our readiness to welcome them into the SDP fold.

The purported adoption of the ADC is completely contrary to the trend of the discussion at the two meetings.
The SDP as a party has not and will not subsume itself to any other political party but would be prepared to welcome some other registered political parties into its fold.

To the leadership of the mushroom political associations propagating such negative tendencies against the SDP, we advise them to desist as the reality on the ground in Ondo state today only necessitate that credible and tested politicians are what the people need to salvage them.

The SDP calls on all its members not to relent in their efforts at winning the forthcoming local government elections but also continue to work for the winn of the coming governorship election.
The party appreciates the concern of several SDP leaders who have reacted to the unscrupulous mention of the SDP in the purported unholy merger which is apparently aimed at making undeserved political gains.


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