Guidelines for Unification with or Coalition under SDP

… 8 May 2020

In view of the successes achieved by our National Leaders who have reached out to prominent politicians across the nation, some politicians of note, groups and political parties have opted to join SDP as members or to contest on the platform of the Party.

The National HQs therefore wishes to issue this general Guidelines to streamline actions and responses throughout SDP formations in the country

1. All new members and joiners should register at their Ward levels. The State Chairmen and National Vice Chairmen at each Zone shall be on hand to facilitate this.

2. The National Headquarters of the SDP will make necessary adjustments, including waivers to accommodate all new members and joiners and enable them to participate in all Party’s activities and internal elections as well as in the elections conducted by State Electoral Commissions or by the INEC.

3. The Excos at the State, LGA & Ward levels will not be dissolved instantly, and Congresses conducted in order to accommodate new members.

4. Whenever Congresses or Convention are held, all new properly registered members are entitled to participate

5. However, State Technical Committees or Caretaker Committees, with memberships including new joiners, may be set up at the State level to respectively work with existing State Working Committees or replace them as may be expedient.

6. As a gesture to assure comfort and confidence, new members may be offered acting positions in the Working Committees or Elders Councils at the Ward, LG, State, Zonal or National levels, subject to said ratification later by the National Executive Committee (NEC), pending appropriate Convention or Congresses.

7. In all, the Party will ensure that new members are well integrated into the SDP and are engaged in the developmental activities of the Party.

8. All contributions and support for the Party should be paid directly or by electronic transfer to: Social Democratic Party, Account 310 107 2138, First Savings Plus ( FBN, Plc).

9. Further information, enquiries, copies of the Party’s Manifesto and Constitution are available at the Party’s website:

National Chairman
Social Democratic Party, SDP
8 May ’20

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